VM Configuration scripts

VM Configuration Script

This is a set of predefined and customized scripts in the system that will be executed as part of the process of creating the templates. We can find it under the "Template Manager" group - "VM configuration scripts".

Some of the scripts included in the platform are:

  1. Install Personal Virtual Disk (PvDisk)
  2. Install Citrix Profile Management (UPM)
  3. Disable Citrix Profile Management (UPM) service
  4. Install .NET Framework 3.5
  5. Install .NET Framework 4.5
  6. Install Application server Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
  7. Install Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
  8. Install Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) updates
  9. Configure Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
  10. Install VDIClientService
  11. Install VDIClientService (32-bit)
  12. Install Microsoft Updates

This scripts are loaded by default in the VDI Manager installation, although the user can make new configuration scripts.

The script detail shows an input checked if the configuration script is default.

The user can't edit the configuration script if is default. Just can edit* the auto load for VMModels check.

If it is necessary create a new script to include in the VM creation process, the customer can use the "New" button. This functionality is shown in the Customize Configuration Scripts article.

*The script content can be provided from outter suppliers and it may be edited in Flexxible|SUITE. 
Use or edit it at your own risk. It is the under the script user responsibility its use or edition, no case on Flexxible IT.
In case of any issue as a result of the above-mentioned script(s) use or edition, Flexxible IT will only be available to provide some technical advice and just as a courtesy to its customers.
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