Snapshot control system

System to manage and control the number of template snapshots


Flexxible|SUITE Smartworkspaces currently generates a snapshot of a template every time an edition process is performed on it. 

Snapshot management

The template snapshots can be managed. To do this, access to the template detail screen and click in the "Snapshots" button:

The "Snapshots" screen shows the homonymous tree-list  and the currently in use snapshot highlighted in bold, together with the available options:

  • "Close": Closes the modal window.
  • "Refresh" (icon): Refreshes the snapshot list to show the updated content.
  • "New": Creates a new snapshot from the current one.
  • "Apply": Makes current the selected snapshot. When a user clicks on this button, a confirmation or an alert message will be displayed, depending on the VM and their status.
    • Server turned-on: The warning message "Applying a snapshot to a running server is not allowed, because it could cause a loss of service" will be displayed.
    • Server turned-off or Template "in edition": The user will be prompted for confirmation in form of a pop-up screen displaying the question "Applying a snapshot will discard the changes made since the current snapshot was created or applied. Do you want to continue?"
    • Template "ready for deploy": Alert - “Applying a snapshot to a template is only allowed for templates with status ‘In edition’”
  • "Delete": Deletes the selected snapshot and merge with its parent
  • "Read": Reads again the snapshots from the hypervisor

Note: Except "Refresh" none of the actions mentioned here will be executed immediately. All of them will become a queue of tasks that will be executed sequentially.



No user is allowed to apply a snapshot to a template in the "Ready for deploy" status. This could generate inconsistencies because the new catalog will be created with the next version. However, the template content is the previous version. Flexxible|SUITE forces to "Save changes and prepare template for deploy" on the template to generate a new version if their status is "In edition".

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