Catalog management


Flexxible|SUITE allows catalog management. This feature applies to any Delivery Group.

Catalog management

You can find the defined catalogs for each delivery group defined in an Application Server Farm or Virtual Desktop Template clicking on the delivery group.

In the delivery group detail, you can find a button to open the catalogs list.

It will display a modal window with the available catalogs that contain or have contained any VM for the selected delivery group.

This will show the following information:

  • the storage that contains the existing catalog
  • the catalog name
  • the template last snapshot
  • the number of VMs
  • the catalog version
  • the template version
  • the zone that contains the catalog
  • the minimal functional level

Also, you can exclude the catalog, clicking in the checkbox and saving changes. The excluded catalogs may not be used to create new MVs. If all catalogs are excluded, new catalogs will be created.

Automatic catalog deletion

To avoid having unused catalogs which will be consuming resources (space) Flexxible|SUITE allows you to configure a number of settings to proceed with their removal automatically

To enable this feature you must set up the setting EmptyCatalogRetentionDays.

This setting allows setting up the number of days before an empty catalog is automatically deleted to preserve storage. 0 days means that the empty catalogs are not automatically deleted.

This operation will delete all the catalogs that have been empty for more than the number of days configured in the EmptyCatalogsRetentionDays.

The catalogs are checked every few seconds and it has no impact on the SUITE performance

This feature is available from version 4.5.

About storage preservation, please, see also "Automatic deletion of un-used catalog base disk images"

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