Automatic tenant template deployment

Flexxible|SUITE allows the template automatic deployment by VM Models. This functionality allows to create templates with all the necessary components and have them available for editing in a few minutes.

In Flexxible|Platinum and in Flexxible|Platinum MT (multi-tenant) the customer must go to the "Templates" tab in the tenant detail (which is called "tenant template"), where the template will be created.

In Flexxible|Enterprise the customer must go to the Templates tab in the section called "My Company".

The page will show a modal window choosing the requested template type.

These fields are required:

  1. The VM Model through which the template will be created.
  2. The Time Zone settings we would like to apply in the machine.
  3. The Culture Info.
  4. In multi-tenant implementation in case the customer has to select the template domain, the Citrix farm on which it will depend and the assigned VLAN.

The VM Name will be auto-generated to avoid Active Directory issues.

In the hosting section the user can configurate the following information:

  • HA Hypervisor
  • Desktop Broker

The domain field is defined at the tenant level.

The user can select any HA Hypervisor defined in the infrastructure and any of the desktop broker included for the selected hypervisor.

The Networking/Security section allows the user to choose either the VLAN credentials (Click on the "Use Domain Credentials" checkbox) or the user credentials.

The CREDENTIALS USER account must have account creation permissions in the domain where the template will be created, which is the domain assigned to the tenant. If the user is from another domain, it must have a trust relationship and permissions in the OU where the computer account will be created.

The hardware section shows the hardware configuration. This information is not editable.

The template creation will start after clicking "OK". This job take about 25-35 minutes and we can track its progress in the Jobs Page.

Once the template is created, its default status is "In Edition".

The templates has 5 status, 2 of them are "operatives" and 3 of them are "transitionals":

Operative status:

  1. In edition: The virtual machine is on and accessible to the user with template edition permissions, in such a way that you can edit the base image of the users to whom you will assign it later.
  2. Ready for deploy: This status is shown when the edition process is ended and the virtual machine is off and in a new version, ready to update the user resources to the last version of the template.

Transitional status:

  1. Pending, the changes generated on the template are pending to be applied.
  2. Synchronizyng, the changes generated in the template are being applied.
  3. Error, an error has occured during the creation of the template.
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